formatting datetime in jinja / django / python

@vendor.modification_time.strftime(‘%H:%M / %d %b %Y’)@

so that vaguely works, but i’ve been unable to find a decent list of all the possible formatting characters that work in whatever frankenstein jinja-django-python monster we’ve got running on the site. Not all of the django ones work (‘’:

  • %a — 3-char week abbr
  • %A — Full day of week
  • %b — 3-char month abbr
  • %B — full month name
  • %c — Thu Feb 18 08:56:31 2010
  • %C — this outputs “20” for every line on the page, no idea
  • %d — day of month

Pattern matching seems to indicate that you can format jinja datetime / timestamps using ‘python date formatting’: